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I am an Architect who has been in the Design and Construction business for over 35 years. My entire career has been spent working on construction sites providing inspection and construction related services for new and existing projects.


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I started and operated my own professional firm, Runyon Architects & Associates, for 24 years. By providing consistent and responsive services successfully, I expanded my firm's client base 10X. I have also worked as a Project Manager for a General Contractor.


As both Architect and then Construction Project Manager I have provided regular on-site construction inspections and evaluations for all of a building's components. This includes a broad range of new and existing flooring products and installations.


I have researched options, qualifications and applications for flooring products and installations. I have set regular on-site reviews and coordination meetings with General Contractors and Vendors. All of a project's scope, responsibilities, schedules and costs are established within full documentation. 

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